Hi there, my name is Olumide Gbenro, I am 28 year old entrepreneur working every day to create a profitable company. Notice I didn’t say Million dollar or Billion dollar company. I want to create a company that affects millions of people and solves a big problem in their lives and with this I know the money will roll in. I want to use the wealth I acquire not just for myself but to help others. We will go into my philanthropic interests later hopefully.

I’ve never done a blog like this before. I plan to show you guys a full and unadulterated version of my life. I had this picture snapped in a brief moment of one of my luxury networking events with my company The Tribe Network. Running a networking group with an affluent demographic has its benefits. One being the sponsors let you have their product for the weekend. Driving the SUV version of the car in the picture (Porsche) was way too much fun. It felt good and gave me a taste of the good life I want me and my family to have for years to come.

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