Artists I’m Currently Listening To-Jidenna

I’ve been listening a lot to artist Jidenna. Remember the song “I’m a classic man” Yea that guy is back and he’s Nigerian (His late father is form Igbo tribe, his mother white American) lol. I got into his music simply because I see a lot of similarities between us. Raised on 3 continent at an early age, high familial expectations (In one lyric he say “wanted me to be a Lawyer, Engineer, Doctor”) for school yet choosing to go with what our passions are, mine connecting people and writing, Jidenna Art and Music. Check out one of my favorite songs on his new album. A lot of conscious comparisons and narrative of being a black man in America. His confidence reigns supreme despite societal exceptions like myself. Ofcourse he’s an entrepreneur as well. His lifestyle brand is called Fear & Fancy and his people actually reached out to me via Instagram since I was so engaged on their page haha. So finally I have one last thing to say,  If you remember one thing remember this: Chief Don’t Run!


Check out this video. For my romantic people. It has a lot of African influence too! So be sure to move those hips :0

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