The Comeback Kid-(Slow return to Training)

This is going to hurt. I’m going to need a massage therapist, I’m going to need to do Pilates, yoga, corrective work, ice my ankle every day, I’ll probably be limping from the rigorous physical therapy I’ve been avoiding for months but I will do it. You may be aware of my goal to make the 2016 Rio Olympics which never happened. I was training for over 8 months to try and make a comeback in an athletic career rifled by injury (it seems like I was 12 when I got my first injury and things never turned around). I even had an invitation to come to Nigeria for the national trials. I was smart enough to decline that at least and not hobble my way through track & fields toughest discipline (Decathlon) and embarrass myself. So why keep going, why not quit? Because its not in my nature. My DNA does not allow me to give in. It’s how I am in business and it’s how I will continue to be with all of my goals. I’m also still showing hints of high twitch fibers (the muscle fibers that help people run fast and jump high), I’m 6’1 3/4 still jumping over 36  inches. Most guys with those stats are playing in a league called the NBA or NFL.  I’m that guy at the party jumping over trashcans for Instagram.

One thing I can admit to is that I certainly was not smart in how I returned from surgery. The Doctor (coincidentally the same one that does the Golden State Warrior basketball team) said to be weight bearing as soon as I could depending on how I feel. It’s standard procedure to rehabilitation. But he didn’t know I would be walking 6 days after surgery. I probably shouldn’t have done that. Again lessons learned.

I’m at a point now where every move I make is calculated, I’m 28 years old, the decisions I make today affect me for the rest of my life. That’s why I can’t quit on my Olympic dream, I can’t quit on my entrepreneurial dreams. If I did I would never forgive myself.

So here I go. Slowly but surely I will make my way back to full strength.

If you want to watch past episode of my journey to 2016 Olympics watch HERE.

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