The Most Important Months Of My Life (Maybe) lol.

Strong title statement I know so let’s drop some keywords here GQ Japan, Toshiba, Toyota. On may 24th (coincidentally my birthday) I head to Tokyo, Japan for the first time ever), not my first time in Asia, I’ve been blessed to experience Bali on several occasions.

I am heading to Tokyo to launch Tribe Network in the Asia market and this will serve as our first international branch. The team is strong with great business partners (Teamz Japan) who know the region like the back of their hands coming aboard this momentum building train towards success. If you want to join message me

What are my goals? I want to come away with an angel investor in one or both of my companies, I want to learn a new culture, I want to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western business men and women. We are all so different yet so similar. Funny enough this is a Millennial movement. A majority of these “hard hitters” in the room are below 40.  We are the future and I am glad to be working with who I am working with. Again, I somehow think many underestimate what is about to go down in Tokyo when I head there this May. If you won’t join me, then stay plugged to my Instagram page folks, it’s going to be fireworks haha.

But.. I want to end this with, I could go to Tokyo, and nothing happens. No deals, no change in my current path but I have a feeling that’s not what will occur. I’ve worked so hard to this point, I’ve been through so much, I know what’s coming on the other side.

#TheGlobopreneur #BeAGlobopreneur #TribeCEO #TribeNetwork

japan 2


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