How did I become #TheGlobopreneur

I want to impact the current and emerging business ecosystem around the world, utilize the language skills I have acquired over the years (Yoruba, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, French, Italian) to collaborate with millennial with dreams as big as mine across the world. Will you join me?

I’ve been traveling across the globe since I was 6 years old in fact I lived on three different continents, learned their language and culture before aged 14. My favorite memories before I left my hometown of Lagos, Nigeria  was riding on the back of a motorcycle legs dangling, arms clutching the drivers belly but no fear. As children we are free, unbeknownst to the consequences that surround.

Watch this documentary about lagos. Though a little Western biased, it absolutely captures the beauty of my hometown–>>

Growing up, living among so many different people, watching their behavior and mannerisms is what naturally made me into the emotionally intelligent person I am today. This skill has transfered across my education, my hard and soft skills, it’s allow me to be a chameleon among people of all races, and groups. I fit in anywhere.

That’s in fact also how I have matured into a businessman. What other 28 year olds do you know with business relationships that span the entire globe & these things have become a part of who I am. I work with people from all over the world from small projects to large companies that want my opinion on how to reach their customers. I didn’t even study marketing yet people perceive me as adept in marketing. Perhaps its because I don’t put labels on my talents. I only see solutions to problems and I use experience, research and science to come up with a viable solution.

#TheGlobopreneur is a title I am finally comfortable with. I was the #NigerianNinja in my tumultuous teenage and young 20’s, the #TribeCEO in my laser focused business Tribe Network ( I still am 😉 but I’ve found Globopreneur (a combination of Global + Entrepreneur) is where I want to be moving forward.


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